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Zinc Plating Additives

Zinc plating is an electroplating technique in which components are placed in an electrolytic bath containing an electrolyte and an electric current enters the bath to promote the build-up of the zinc onto the component. One of the unique properties of zinc plating is that it is a sacrificial coating, meaning it will continue to protect a components surface even if the coating becomes scratched and bare metal is exposed. Zinc electroplating is the traditional plating used for industrial corrosion protection. The outer surface of the zinc coating corrodes to form zinc oxide, which provides an additional physical barrier against air and water to protect against rust. In addition to being used as a functional protective coating, zinc plating can also be used as a decorative coating. The zinc coating after passivation treatment can obtain various colors to increase the decorative effect. There are many types of zinc plating additives, including acid zinc additives, alkaline zinc additives, alkaline cyanide-free zinc additives, etc. These additives play an important role in the zinc plating process, which mainly stems from the fact that they help to improve the properties of the plating.

Zinc Plating Additives

Advantages of zinc plating

With the help of additives, zinc plating offers many advantages. The main advantages are as follows.


Improve the corrosion resistance of your components.


Increase the lifetime of the steel.


Enhance aesthetic appeal of the components.


Suitable for either barrel or rack plating.


Enhance adhesion and ductility of components.


Operates within a wide range of bath chemistry.

Applications of zinc plating

With the aid of additives, zinc plating has been useful in many fields. The main applications are as follows.

  • Machinery: Zinc plating is ideal for use with bolts, nuts, and metal brackets as it creates a clean, smooth finish and slows the process of rusting and other corrosive processes.
  • Automotive: Zinc plating has also gained widespread use in the automotive industry as a means of protecting components such as brake pipes, brake calipers and power steering parts.
  • Paint: Zinc plating can serve as an effective protective undercoating before painting, as it can promote greater paint adhesion.

Precautions for zinc plating

Zinc plating has many benefits, but it does not work for every condition. The main precautions are as follows.

Precaution 01

Avoid using zinc electroplating for seawater or marine applications or in any tropical environment because they can contribute to forming heavy corrosion.

Precaution 02

When you expose the steel parts are at a temperature level of 500 degrees Fahrenheit or more, you should avoid using zinc.

Precaution 03

Don't use zinc plating on equipment or products that you can ordinarily keep in closed areas where there is heavy moisture condensation.

Our products

Alfa Chemistry supplies zinc plating additives to companies producing electroplating solutions. Depending on your different needs, you can choose from the following zinc plating additives.



Potassium Chloride Zinc
Plating Additive

1. Suitable for barrel/rack plating.
2. Excellent regulation skill to metal gloss & high temperature tolerance.
3. Efficient agent to low consumption & high improvement.
4. Easy discharge treatment.

Sulfate Zinc
Plating Additive

1. Produces high brightness.
2. Exhibits high corrosion resistance and is not easy to be yellowed or discolored.
3. Especially good for plating on steel profiles and wire continuous plating, also adapted for both rack and barrel plating.
4. Single brightener for make-up and replenishment, easy operation.
5. Low costs and economical.

Acid Zinc Plating Additive

1. Strong impurity resistance, high corrosion resistance.
2. Strong covering power and leveling power, quick brightening.
3. Wide current range, thus it can allow a large current density.

Bright Alkaline
Cyanide-Free Zinc
Plating Additive

1. Mirror bright coating.
2. Avoids yellowing problem of blue chromate.
3. Excellent covering power.
4. Wide current operating range.
5. Strong impurity tolerance.

Cyanide Zinc
Plating Additive

1. Suitable for barrel/rack plating of high/medium/low cyanide zinc plating process.
2. Good brightening performance & high stability without perfume or colloid.
3. Wide range of temperature tolerance.
4. Single agent for easy use.

Zinc Sealing Additive

1. Suitable for passivation of zinc plating.
2. Chrome-free & clear varnish film.
3. Anti-corrosion performance.
4. Wide range of applications.

Blue Zinc Passivator

1. Suitable for alkaline or acid zinc plating passivation.
2. Clear & bright to blue-white gloss.
3. Strong anti-corrosion & anti-color skill.

Black Zinc Passivator

1. Produces a clear uniform jet-black. The color stability is perfect and avoids fading of silver-containing chromating processes after long-term stock.
2. Easy for operation and maintenance. Stable solution and long life time.
3. Can directly passivate pure zinc deposits, adapted for cyanide-free alkaline zinc, cyanide zinc and acid zinc plating.
4. The conversion film exhibits high-hardness and high resistance to scratch.

Color Zinc Passivator

1. Suitable for alkaline or acid zinc plating passivation.
2. Uniform gloss as rainbow shinning.
3. High anti-corrosion & collision skill.

White Zinc Passivator

1. Suitable for barrel/rack plating of zinc plating passivation.
2. Uniform & silver-white deposit.
3. Room temperature use.

Alkaline Zinc Mist

1. Suitable for alkaline fog resistance.
2. Use in alkaline zinc plating.
3. Improve workshop condition.
4. Both barrel & rack.
5. Lower consumption.

Alkaline Zinc Bath

1. Suitable for remove heavy metal impurities like Cu, Fe, Pb, Sn, Cr and catabolite.
2. Use in alkaline solution.
3. Remove impurities efficiently.

As a supplier of electroplating chemicals, Alfa Chemistry has always shown great interest in zinc plating. Alfa Chemistry is committed to providing a wide range of zinc plating additives. If you do not find what you need, please contact us. We also offer product customization according to customer's detailed requirements.

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