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In the medical field, surgical instruments, implants, and other metal products are very common. For a variety of reasons such as strength, sterilization, antimicrobial and corrosion resistance, the surfaces of medical products require certain treatments. Medical metal plating plays a critical role in the overall quality and performance of the product to ensure it is clean and free of defects that could endanger patients' health. We know that plating the surface of medical devices is essential in their production process and we are ready to work with you to meet your various needs.


Advantages of medical plating processes

Advantages of medical plating processes

The plating process offers many advantages for the medical field. The main advantages are described below.
Sanitation: Many metals exhibit certain antimicrobial properties and provide an excellent defense against harmful bacteria. To this end, most medical devices and tools are electroplated with materials that exhibit antimicrobial properties.
Corrosion resistant: Medical devices such as stethoscopes are often reused. This can cause them to be susceptible to corrosion and affect their service life. Metal plating can reduce the likelihood of this phenomenon.
Easy to weld: Certain parts and equipment used in the medical field require welding. However, many of these parts are not well-suited to the welding process. Electroplating can strengthen and support the weld area to provide a more reliable adhesion.
Radiopacity: Certain types of high-density metals have radiopaque qualities that prevent radiation from passing through it. These types of medical device coatings are generally used for medical devices used during x-ray procedures.
Biocompatible: Devices used in the medical field need to have good biocompatibility to prevent allergies.

Comprehensive solutions

Whether parts need sanitation, corrosion protection, radiopacity, biocompatibility, pleasing aesthetics or hardness, Alfa Chemistry has the expertise to engineer a custom solution for your medical plating project. Typical plating components we offer include, but are not limited to the following.

Comprehensive solutions

  • Surgical tools
  • Dental tools & equipment
  • Medical monitoring equipment
  • X-ray equipment components
  • Operating tools and devices
  • Orthopedic implants
  • Analytical device components

Why choose us?

Alfa Chemistry provides plating solutions to meet the needs of the medical industry. With years of experience in the plating industry, Alfa Chemistry has become the one-stop-shop for medical plating solutions. We are continually demonstrating that our dedication to excellence has put us at the forefront of the fast-moving medical plating industry.

We're ready to discuss your next project.

We are ready to discuss your next project

Professional electroplating is dedicated to solving our customers toughest plating related challenges by working with them on the front end of the design and engineering process. We engineer custom solutions designed specifically for your unique requirements. We continually strive to improve your parts application and performance, while driving down costs.

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