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Formulation Analysis

Some customers want to analyze the formulation of electroplating solution. Some customers want to improve the formula of electroplating solution. In addition, there are a few customers who are worried that the plating solution they bought will not achieve the desired effect. It is normal for customers to have such needs and concerns. This is mainly due to the fact that electroplating solutions are usually a combination of multiple components and come in a variety of types. Alfa Chemistry has set up a state-of-the-art formulation analysis laboratory, equipped with the best analytical instruments and technical expertise. At Alfa Chemistry, we offer formulation analysis services for electroplating solutions to solve your plating problems. Our goal is to provide analytical services as efficiently as possible to maximize our customers' profits.

Formulation Analysis

Advantages of formulation analysis

The advantages of formulation analysis include but are not limited to:

  • Assist customers in determining the components and content of the samples.
  • Obtain the specific formulation of the sample through formulation analysis.
  • Assist customers in fine-tuning their formulations to help them achieve their production goals.

Our services

With a solid theoretical foundation of electroplating, Alfa Chemistry has the ability to provide challenging formulation analysis services. We analyze the composition of products or samples using techniques such as spectroscopy, chromatography, mass spectrometry, energy spectroscopy and thermal spectroscopy to obtain product formulations. Our formulation analysis services have been well received by the industry and have the advantage of short service cycle and high results accuracy. We look forward to maintaining a harmonious, long-term and win-win cooperative relationship with you.

Why choose us?

For many years, Alfa Chemistry has been providing customers with engineered solutions in metal finishing. Regardless of the industry, surface treatment or application, the principle issues surrounding the art and science of metal finishing remain the same. You can trust Alfa Chemistry for:


High quality product

We have high quality products to meet our internal quality control requirements.


Sincere service

We provide sincere services to meet any needs of our customers.


Extensive experience

We have a professional R&D team with rich experience.


Reduced cost

We offer flexible and targeted custom manufacturing to help our customers reduce capital and time costs.

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