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Chrome Plating Additives

The chrome plating process is a method of applying a thin layer of chromium onto a substrate (metal or alloy) through an electroplating procedure. Chromium is electroplated onto different metals to provide either a decorative finish or increase the hardness and wear resistance of the base material. In the chrome plating process, we offer several common chrome plating additives. For example, decorative chrome plating additive, hard chrome plating additive and so on. These additives play an important role in the chrome plating process, which mainly stems from the fact that they help to improve the properties of the plating.

Chrome Plating Additives

Types of chrome plating

There are two main types of chrome plating which one is hard chrome plating often called functional chrome plating or engineering chrome plating. The second type is decorative chrome plating which people often referred to as "nickel plating".

  • Hard chrome plating
    This type is typically used in industrial settings where aesthetic appeal is not the primary concern. Hard chrome plating, while it can improve the corrosion resistance of the material to which it is applied, is primarily used to increase the wear resistance of certain components. Hard chrome plating is commonly applied to various types of steel and is almost always thicker than decorative chrome plating.
  • Decorative chrome plating
    This type employs a layer of nickel and a layer of chromium. The nickel gives the surface of the object its shine and its polished look. Once the nickel layer has been deposited, a chromium layer is added on top of it. The chromium layer helps increase the corrosion resistance of the material and also improve the resistance to scratching and wear. Decorative chrome plating usually has a total thickness under 0.001 inch.

Advantages of chrome plating

With the help of additives, chrome plating offers many advantages. The main advantages are as follows.


Enhances durability, performance, and resistance to wear and tear.


Adds corrosion resistance and increases strength.


Adheres to a variety of surfaces, shapes, and sizes of components and machinery.

Applications of chrome plating

With the aid of additives, chrome plating has been useful in many fields. The main applications are as follows.

  • Automobile: Chrome plating is very popular in the automotive industry. Chrome plating is commonly used on automotive components to meet durability and lubricity requirements, such as wheel rims, engine components, exhaust pipes, etc.
  • Appliances: The dense chrome plating improves the shortcomings of appliances such as cylinders, pistons, gears, and threads that are prone to wear and corrosion, and greatly increases the service life and efficiency of these appliances.
  • Decorations: The main applications for decorative chrome plating include tools like wrenches and pliers, hardware like hex keys, and decorative automotive parts like trim and door handles. They mainly play an aesthetic role.

Our products

Alfa Chemistry supplies chrome plating additives to companies producing electroplating solutions. Depending on your different needs, you can choose from the following chrome plating additives.



Decorative Chrome
Plating Additive

1. High coverage power and high cathode efficiency.
2. No need to electrolyze trivalent chrome on-site operation.
3. Low temp, low current density operation, energy saving, and reduced cost.

Darkish Hard Chrome
Plating Additive

1. Suitable for hard chrome plating to a black bright surface.
2. Excellent dispersing & deposition power.
3. Stable bath without fluoride/halogen addition.
4. Chromic fog inhibitor addition to improve operating condition & chromic anhydride save.

Cr3+ Chrome Plating

1. It is an environmentally friendly product, contains no Cr (VI).
2. Excellent dispersing & covering ability.
3. The deposit will not be hazy after long-term store, excellent corrosion resistance.
4. Exhibits higher hardness and wear resistance.
5. Operation is safe, easy waste treatment, cost is low.

Chrome Fog Inhibitor

1. It is an environmentally friendly chromium fog inhibitor suppressant, which can effectively suppress the chromium mist produced in chrome plating, and its widely used in hard chrome and decorative chrome process.
2. It does not contain fluorine, which will neither cause corrosion to the low current area of the workpiece nor corrode the anode.
3. It overcomes the disadvantage of fluorine containing fog inhibitor which is easy to cause pinholes in the plating layer.
4. It can improve the dispersion ability of chrome plating, and the brightness and hardness of the plating layer can be improved by long time use.

Black Chrome Plating

1. Produces an attractive appearance and shows excellent corrosion resistance. It is adapted for decorative plating.
2. Excellent heat-resistant, can be adapted for heat-resistant products.
3. Post-treated by oil, soak, or clear paint can improve the brightness and protect the deposits.

As a supplier of electroplating chemicals, Alfa Chemistry has always shown great interest in chrome plating. Alfa Chemistry is committed to providing a wide range of chrome plating additives. If you do not find what you need, please contact us. We also offer product customization according to customer's detailed requirements.

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