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Tin Plating Additives

Tin is a silvery-white metal that is soft, ductile and malleable. Due to this flexibility, it is easy to form and stretch tin into various shapes without cracking. Tin is also considered to be non-toxic, conductive and corrosion resistant. Tin plating is the process of depositing a coating of solderable tin plating onto the surface of a material via an electrical current. Electroplating tin is an extremely cost-effective process. It contributes to solubility, can improve corrosion protection, and acts as an oxidation barrier. Tin plating is available in both bright acid and dark finishes. Tin Plating is suitable for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and can be performed on brass, copper and aluminum as well as steel. In the tin plating process, we offer several common tin plating additives. For example, acid tin plating brightener, matt acid tin plating additive and matt tin plating additive. These additives play an important role in the tin plating process, which mainly stems from the fact that they help to improve the properties of the plating.

Tin Plating Additives

Advantages of tin plating

With the help of additives, tin plating offers many advantages. The main advantages are as follows.

  • Cost-effective: Tin is readily available, so it is much cheaper than metals such as gold, platinum or palladium.
  • Electrically conductive: As a soft metal, tin provides a good, clean, low constriction-resistance contact surface.
  • Excellent solderability: Tin is a very soft and malleable material and as such greatly improves the solderability for parts.
  • Highly effective for shielding: Tin can be used to shield other metals. Many manufacturers of large electrical components use tin as a shield for the metals that lie beneath the plated layer.

Applications of tin plating

With the aid of additives, tin plating has been useful in many fields. The main applications are as follows.

  • Aerospace: In aerospace, tin plating is used to ensure operational safety and optimal performance of critical components.
  • Commercial: Tin plating provides metal finishes for thousands of unique commercial parts in the commercial industry.
  • Electronics: The corrosion resistance and excellent electrical conductivity of tin plating make it a reliable choice for the electronics industry.
  • Food Service: Tin's ductility and non-toxic nature, as well as its corrosion resistance, make it a prime choice for food service related industries, especially in the manufacture of fast food equipment and in the production of cookware.
  • Medical: Tin plating provides good performance for the parts of medical instruments, tools and equipment. In addition, it improves their working life.

Our products

Alfa Chemistry supplies tin plating additives to companies producing electroplating solutions. Depending on your different needs, you can choose from the following tin plating additives.



Acid Bright Tin Plating

1. Suitable for barrel/rack plating.
2. Bright white gloss to perfect deposit.
3. Excellent solderability & anti-corrosion ability.
4. Low stress & anti-pits.

Matt Acid Tin Plating

1. Suitable for barrel/rack plating of electronical parts & circuit boards.
2. Compact, matt, uniform & robust.
3. Wide range of operating temperature.
4. Single agent to easy use.

Matt Tin Plating Additive

1. Matte deposits, good solderability, stable in electrolyte and wide operating range.
2. It is adapted for low tin containing plating.

As a supplier of electroplating chemicals, Alfa Chemistry has always shown great interest in tin plating. Alfa Chemistry is committed to providing a wide range of tin plating additives. If you do not find what you need, please contact us. We also offer product customization according to customer's detailed requirements.

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