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Electroplating Additives

Electroplating additive is a general term for a variety of chemical substances that need to be added to the plating solution in order to improve the quality of the plating layer in the plating process. Most of the electroplating additives are organic compounds. According to their role in the plating solution, they can be divided into brightening agents, auxiliary brightening agents, dispersing agent, wetting agents, etc.

Role of electroplating additives

Electroplating additives play a vital role in the plating process. The main roles are as follows.

Role of electroplating additives

Facilitates or catalyzes the plating process.

Enhance the production of the desired chemical properties of the finished product.

Improve the plating internal stress, ductility, hardness and other physical properties.

Our products

Alfa Chemistry offers electroplating additives, including but not limited to the following.

Alfa Chemistry offers a wide range of different electroplating chemicals. If you do not find what you need, please contact us. We also offer product customization according to customer's detailed requirements.

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