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Wastewater Treatment

In electroplating industry, only 30 to 40% of used metals are actually plated on articles, while the others are collected by water in the form of ions. Accordingly, the wastewater from electroplating lines always contains a high concentration of heavy metal ions such as Cr6+, Cu2+, Zn2+ and Ni2+, etc. The ions are non-biodegradable, and some of them are toxic and of carcinogenic effect, leading to a great environmental concern on the wastewater. If the wastewater were discharged without any treatment, a big environmental pollution would have been caused. At Alfa Chemistry, we offer electroplating wastewater treatment services to help you solve your wastewater problems.

Wastewater Treatment

Advantages of electroplating wastewater treatment

In today's society, the treatment of wastewater is crucial. The main advantages of electroplating wastewater treatment are described below.

  • Maintain environmental health
    Since most of the electroplating wastewater is released in natural water reservoirs such as lakes and rivers, the natural water gets contaminated. This polluted water is consumed by fishes, crops, and animals. Also, the polluted water is evaporated and may eventually become rainwater. To protect the health of many different ecosystems, wastewater treatment is very crucial.
  • Safeguard public health and safety
    The composition of electroplating wastewater is complex and contains heavy metals and toxic substances. Heavy metals are difficult to biodegrade. Instead, it is enriched by biological magnification of the food chain and finally enters into the human body to produce harm. To protect the public health and safety, wastewater treatment is very crucial.
  • Save resources
    Electroplating wastewater can be treated and reused, and reusable water helps save money and save the earth. Toxins in wastewater are removed during the process to produce clean and safe water. In order to be reusable, wastewater treatment is very crucial.

Our services

With a professional theoretical basis, Alfa Chemistry has the ability to provide challenging electroplating wastewater treatment services. We have a variety of international wastewater treatment technologies and multiple wastewater treatment success cases. Send us a sample of your untreated electroplating wastewater and we will provide you with a laboratory evaluation and treatment recommendations. Our wastewater treatment services have been trusted by our customers and praised by the industry. We always with full enthusiasm, sincere cooperation attitude, win-win business philosophy, sincerely welcome the majority of new and old customers to discuss cooperation.

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For many years, Alfa Chemistry has been providing customers with engineered solutions in metal finishing. Regardless of the industry, surface treatment or application, the principle issues surrounding the art and science of metal finishing remain the same. You can trust Alfa Chemistry for:


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