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Electroplating Troubleshooting

Electroplating is commonly used for the surface treatment of various objects. Covering the surface of a material with the necessary metal film not only serves the purpose of decoration, but also enables various functions to be performed. However, electroplating requires a high level of experience and precision to be done correctly. It depends not only on the strict specifications of the electrochemical process, but also on the thorough preparation work completed before the switch is turned on. Electroplating is subject to a number of problems due to the complexity of the process. Poor electroplating in various processes may lead to degradation of the quality and characteristics of the product. At Alfa Chemistry, we offer electroplating troubleshooting services to help you solve your electroplating difficulties.

Electroplating Troubleshooting

Common problems in the electroplating process

Various problems may arise throughout the plating process. The following are some common plating problems.

Electroplating Troubleshooting

Our services

Alfa Chemistry has a solid theoretical foundation, rich practical experience and skilled experimental skills in the field of electroplating. By analyzing any defects (including blistering, cold shuts, cracking, pitting, etc.) that occur during or after your electroplating, we have the ability to accurately and effectively troubleshoot them for you. We always with full enthusiasm, sincere cooperation attitude, win-win business philosophy, sincerely welcome the majority of new and old customers to discuss cooperation.

Why choose us?

For many years, Alfa Chemistry has been providing customers with engineered solutions in metal finishing. Regardless of the industry, surface treatment or application, the principle issues surrounding the art and science of metal finishing remain the same. You can trust Alfa Chemistry for:


High quality product

We have high quality products to meet our internal quality control requirements.


Sincere service

We provide sincere services to meet any needs of our customers.


Extensive experience

We have a professional R&D team with rich experience.


Reduced cost

We offer flexible and targeted custom manufacturing to help our customers reduce capital and time costs.

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