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Nickel Plating Intermediates


The main function of nickel plating intermediate is to improve the softness of the coating, refine the crystallization, enhance the brightness and flatness of the low zone, promote displacement, mask impurities, and some also have depolarization effects.

Nickel Plating Intermediates

At present, nickel plating brighteners are generally divided into four generations. The first generation is mainly metal salts, the second generation is represented by the combination of 1.4 butynediol and saccharin, and the third generation is mainly composed of 1.4 butynediol epoxy compounds and saccharin, the fourth generation is a combination of pyridine derivatives, alkynylamine compounds and propynyl alcohol derivatives and softeners as typical representatives.

The development of nickel plating technology is mainly reflected in the research of its brightener. According to the purpose, dosage and usage of various nickel-plating intermediates, appropriate combination of nickel-plating intermediates can prepare primary and secondary nickel-plating brighteners with excellent performance.


  • Primary Nickel Plating Intermediates

Including BSI, BBI, ALS, PS, VS, BSS, ATPN, PESS, SSO3, PN and so on. Their main function is to improve the flexibility of the coating, refine the crystals, enhance the brightness and leveling of the low area, promote positioning, mask impurities, and some also have depolarization effects.

  • Secondary Nickel Plating Intermediates

Including PPS, PPS2OH, DEP, TC2DEP, PABS, PME, PAP, PMA, MAP, PA, BEO and so on. These intermediates all have a certain leveling and brightening effect, which can speed up the filling and smoothing of the polished silk pattern of the product. For example, DEP can make the coating quickly reach mirror brightness and have a plump and smooth luster.

  • Sulfur-free Nickel Plating Intermediates

Including HD2M, HD2N, TCA, BEO, POPDH, PABS, PAP, DEP, PA, PME. Such intermediates can be used in semi-bright nickel brighteners to make the nickel underlayer free of sulfur. The semi-bright nickel layer plated by this process has a columnar microstructure, and the sulfur content in the coating is less than 0.005%.

  • Sulfur-containing Nickel Plating Intermediates

Including PS, ATPN, PN, PPS, PPS2OH, SSO3, BSS, BBI, SAS, VS, EHS and so on. Sulfur-containing intermediates are generally used in nickel brighteners to achieve a certain potential difference between the bright nickel layer and the semi-bright nickel layer, and its STEP value is above 130mV. BSS and ATPN can be used in high-sulfur nickel additive, three-layer nickel combined electroplating, its STEP value can reach 160mV, and its anti-corrosion performance is better.

  • White Bright Nickel Intermediates

Including MOSS, TPP, BBI, EHS, PPS2OH and so on. The brighteners formulated with these intermediates have a silvery-white pearl color.

  • Black Light Nickel Intermediates

Including MAP, PAP, BMP and so on. The brighteners formulated with these intermediates as the main components, the plated products have black bright and elegant effects.

  • Auxiliary Intermediates

Including TC2EHS and MA280 which play a role in wetting, and ATP, ATPN and PN which play a role in removing impurities.

Partial Intermediate Code and English Comparison

CodeEnglish ComparisonCodeEnglish Comparison
ALSAllyl sulfonateATPS-carboxyethyl isothiourea chloride
ATPNCarboxyethyl isothiourea saltBBIDibenzenesulfonimide
BEOButynediol ethoxy compoundBMPButynediol propoxy compound
BSISaccharinBSSSodium benzenesulfonate
DEPN,N-DiethylpropynamineEHSSodium Diethylhexyl Sulfonate
PAPropargyl alcoholPABSN,N-Diethylpropargylamine formate
PAPPropargyl alcohol propoxyl compoundPMEPropargyl alcohol ethoxy compound
PNFatty unsaturated sulfonatePOPDH1-propargyl glycerol ether
PPSPropanesulfonic acid pyridinium saltPPS2OHHydroxypropanesulfonic acid pyridinium salt
PSPropynyl sulfonateSASSodium allyl sulfonate
SSO3Sodium hydroxyalkyl sulfonateVSEthylene sulfonate

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