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Pre-treatment Chemicals

Pre-treatment chemicals are a class of chemicals used before electroplating. The surface after pre-treatment is free of impurities such as oils, greases, and compounds, and can be considered "pure". This provides the guarantee of obtaining the best adhesion for plating. In addition, pre-treatment of metal or other surfaces ensures the highest yield of finished products and reduces waste. Common pre-treatment chemicals include heavy duty degreaser, acid cleaning additive, wax release additive, etc. These chemicals play an important role in the pre-treatment process.

Our products

Alfa Chemistry supplies pre-treatment chemicals to companies producing electroplating solutions to overcome the most complex pre-treatment challenges. Depending on your different needs, you can choose from the following pre-treatment chemicals.



Heavy Duty Degreaser

1. Chemical electroless, special for removing grease, oil and dirt of metal parts made of steel, copper, copper alloys, but not for zinc, aluminum parts.
2. Low surface tension & good penetrability, perfect for tubular parts.
3. Strong detergency & high temperature tolerance.
4. Stable bath with long life span.

Alloy Degreasing

1. Chemical electroless, perfect for auto electro-production line use.
2. Suitable for degreasing & cleaning dirt in heat dipping & ultrasonic cleaning of non-ferrous metal parts, perfect zinc & zinc-base alloy parts.
3. Anti-corrosion proof & original gloss restoring capacity without damage on substrates.
4. Long-lasting effect & easy to clean.

Electrolysis Degreasing

1. Anode or cathodes electrolysis use.
2. Suitable for degreasing & cleaning dirt of steel, copper & copper-base alloys.
3. Powerful & fast degreaser and cleaner even for waxy sludge.
4. Strong penetrability & emulsifying ability.

Alloy Electrolytic

1. Anode or cathodes electrolysis use.
2. Special for degreasing & removing oxide film of zinc alloys & aluminum alloys.
3. Corrosion resistance.
4. Clean effectively & safely.

Alkaline Cleaning

1. Strong emulsifying and oil degreasing ability.
2. Low alkalinity, no attack on basis material, an universal product for all basis materials.
3. Low foaming, thus it is easy to clean.
4. Hot dipping, better effects can be obtained when combined with ultrasonic cleaning.
5. Adapted for both rack and barrel plating.

Acid Cleaning Additive

1. Very capable of removing oxide film, rust and oil smut on the steel surface.
2. Can work under room temperature, good substitute for conventional hot oil degreasing processes.
3. Reduces acid consumption by more than a half, thus save costs.

Wax Release Additive

1. Perfect in heat dipping or ultrasonic cleaning.
2. Suitable for removing polishing wax of steel, zinc-base alloys, copper, copper-base alloys & aluminum-base alloy parts.
3. Super waxy release.


1. Suitable for acid etching & slight activation of pre-treatment.
2. Remove rusting, soldering dirt & zinc coating from steel substrates.
3. Strong binding force.
4. Special for pretreatment activation on zinc-base alloy parts.

Chemical Stripping

1. Suitable for chemical stripping to Cu, Ni plating deposits on zinc alloy parts, practically for pretreatment before direct plating.
2. Excellent brightening skill to quick & clear.
3. Direct clean.

As a supplier of electroplating chemicals, Alfa Chemistry has always shown great interest in pre-treatment chemicals. Alfa Chemistry is committed to providing a wide range of pre-treatment chemicals. If you do not find what you need, please contact us. We also offer product customization according to customer's detailed requirements.

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