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Protecting automotive parts from corrosion is critical to maintaining the integrity, functionality, and safety of a vehicle. With constant exposure to harsh weather conditions and higher demands on performance and longevity, effective corrosion protection is a must. Automotive parts plating at Alfa Chemistry enhances the performance and longevity of parts for proper operation in harsh outdoor environments. In addition, the appearance of automotive parts can also be enhanced. For many years, we have provided effective plating solutions that are widely used throughout the automotive industry.


Advantages of automotive plating processes

Advantages of automotive plating processes

The plating process offers many advantages for the automotive sector. The main advantages are described below.

Corrosion resistance: It is incredibly important to ensure high levels of corrosion resistance. This enables consumers to keep their vehicles on the road longer and reduces their corrosion-related maintenance and repair costs. Electroplating improves the corrosion resistance of components.

Wear resistance: Hundreds of moving parts rub against each other constantly while a vehicle is in operation. Electroplating makes these components more resistant to wear, which means the vehicle lasts longer.

Tarnish prevention: Certain metal automotive parts have a tendency to tarnish over time. Plating can prevent this from occurring, helping to prolong the attractive appearance of the vehicle.

Metallization of plastic parts: Most automotive interiors are made of plastic parts. Plating can make plastic parts electrically conductive and also make the surface more aesthetically pleasing by giving it a metallic luster. This will also increase the hardness and durability of the plastic part.

Conductivity: A range of automotive components, including electric windows, electric boot operation, moving door mirrors, electric power steering and heated seats, are becoming more common in cars. This means that in addition to purely mechanical parts, an increasing number of electrical and electronic sub assemblies are being used in vehicle. All of these components require electrical connections, and electroplating provides good conductivity for these components.

Comprehensive solutions

Alfa Chemistry has a library of solutions for a wide range of parts for the automotive industry. Typical plating components we offer include, but are not limited to the following.

Comprehensive solutions

  • Brake components
  • Fuel injection housings
  • Engine parts/under hood components
  • Luggage racks
  • Wiper arms
  • Fittings

Why choose us?

Alfa Chemistry provides plating solutions to meet the needs of the automotive industry. With years of experience in the plating industry, Alfa Chemistry has become the one-stop-shop for automotive plating solutions. We are continually demonstrating that our dedication to excellence has put us at the forefront of the fast-moving automotive plating industry.

We're ready to discuss your next project.

We are ready to discuss your next project

Professional electroplating is dedicated to solving our customers toughest plating related challenges by working with them on the front end of the design and engineering process. We engineer custom solutions designed specifically for your unique requirements. We continually strive to improve your parts application and performance, while driving down costs.

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