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Professional Electroplating

Electroplating is a finishing technique that uses an electric current to deposit a thin layer of metal on a substrate. Electroplating is used to improve the desired surface properties of an object, such as wear resistance, lubricity, corrosion resistance, etc. At Alfa Chemistry, we offer high quality professional electroplating services.

Professional Electroplating

Categories of electroplating process

In order to obtain the best electroplating results, it is crucial to choose the correct electroplating method. Alfa Chemistry offers three of the most common electroplating processes.

  • Barrel plating
    Barrel plating is one of the most common electroplating techniques used in industry for a large number of small objects. The objects are placed in a barrel-shaped non-conductive cage, and then immersed in the chemical bath containing suspended atoms of the metal that is to be plated onto them. The barrel is then rotated, and electrical currents are run through the various pieces in the barrel which complete circuits as they touch one another. The result is a very uniform and efficient plating process.

Barrel plating

  • Vibratory plating
    Like barrel plating, vibratory plating can treat numerous parts in a single batch. The frequency of the vibratory motion is controlled to pound (without damaging) the fluids inside of bores and extract during the process, providing fresh plating fluids to enter deep in the bore for deposit. Vibratory plating reduces metal consumption by improving end-to-end and part-to-part uniformity. Intricate parts can be uniformly plated in the "blind" areas.

Vibratory plating

  • Rack plating
    Rack plating differs from barrel plating in that the parts are affixed to metal racks with screws, wires, or spring fingers. This causes the parts to remain stationary upon immersion of the metal rack into the plating solution. Consequently, metal platers prefer rack plating for delicate parts that might not be able to withstand the tumbling or cascading action produced by barrel plating. Rack plating also works well for large or complex components.

Rack plating

Our Services

Alfa Chemistry is your sincere partner. We provide you with customized surface treatment solutions. Making your products perform better in a variety of applications. Our professional electroplating services include:

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For many years, Alfa Chemistry has been providing customers with engineered solutions in metal finishing. Regardless of the industry, surface treatment or application, the principle issues surrounding the art and science of metal finishing remain the same. You can trust Alfa Chemistry for:


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