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Electronic plating is the plating technology used for electronic components, which is an important part of the manufacturing process of electronic products and reflects the technology level of electronic manufacturing industry to a large extent. Electronic plating technology is one of the indispensable key technologies in modern microelectronics manufacturing. From Damascus copper interconnect plating technology on chips, plating surface treatment of lead frames to various functional plating of printed wiring boards and connectors, electronic plating has penetrated into the entire microelectronics industry. For many years, Alfa Chemistry has provided effective plating solutions that are widely used throughout the electronics industry.


Advantages of electronics plating processes

The plating process offers many advantages for the electronics field. The main advantages are described below.

Advantages of electronics plating processes

  • Improving corrosion resistance
  • Enhancing electrical conductivity
  • Protecting against wear
  • Increasing the solderability of the substrate

Commonly used plating metals in the electronics field and their properties

One of the most important processes in the manufacture of electronic components is electroplating, which involves the application of a metal coating via electrodeposition. Due to the delicate nature of many electronic components, it is important to select the right metal for plating. The commonly used plating metals in electronic components and their properties are described below.

Nickel Plating: It provides excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance, and acts as an effective barrier layer.
Copper plating: It is much cheaper than precious metals and offers good electrical and thermal conductivity.
Tin plating: It provides excellent solderability and good corrosion resistance.
Tin alloys: It provides the properties associated with tin without the problematic "tin whisker" protrusion.
Plastic plating: It saves metal materials, simplifies the processing process, reduces equipment weight and improves the appearance of parts.

Comprehensive solutions

With the development of modern industry and science and technology, people have put forward higher and higher requirements for the performance of electronic products. Electroplating as a large series of surface treatment technology for electronic products will certainly develop rapidly. Alfa Chemistry has a library of solutions for a wide range of parts for the electronics industry. Typical plating components we offer include, but are not limited to the following.

  • Conductors and semi-conductors
  • Contacts
  • Test probes
  • Electronic power switches and rheostats
  • Circuit boards
  • Computer components

Comprehensive solutions

Why choose us?

Alfa Chemistry provides plating solutions to meet the needs of the electronics industry. With years of experience in the plating industry, Alfa Chemistry has become the one-stop-shop for electronics plating solutions. We are continually demonstrating that our dedication to excellence has put us at the forefront of the fast-moving electronics plating industry.

We're ready to discuss your next project.

We are ready to discuss your next project

Professional electroplating is dedicated to solving our customers toughest plating related challenges by working with them on the front end of the design and engineering process. We engineer custom solutions designed specifically for your unique requirements. We continually strive to improve your parts application and performance, while driving down costs.

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